09|12|13 - 12|12|13
Transmit|Translate, Golriz Behgoo, Bethan Hughes

An installation by Golriz Behgoo (Iran) and Bethan Hughes (UK) exploring and displaying the distortions which occur when the pop-cultural material of video, image and sound is transferred not only from format to format but also from a different location and time.
A one second clip, extracted from an early music video showing Iranian singer Shoreh performing "Doctor Mashreghi (Oriental Girl)" [1975] forms the basis of the installation. Accessed from the internet but claimed by the artists to be added to their growing personal collection of pop-cultural material relating to the cultural heritage of Iran and Britain, the clip is dissected, repeated and rearranged.
If shown in a geographically and temporally removed position, how does the data become warped in transmission, both visually and conceptually? What occurs in gaps where frames are "missing"? And ultimately how, in an age of open internet access to an infinite amount of contemporary and historical cultural material, is data transmitted and translated, formats altered and digitised and original meaning exposed of deformation?

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